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Let us briefly tell about ourselves, our goals and objectives that we perform on the market.We are Russian company, developer and manufacturer of footwear for children and youth, more than ten years we work on the market of licensed shoes. The name of our company "CROSSWAY" reflects specificity of our activity, namely the combining of various styles and trends in shoes design and brands in one source. 

All license rights for shoe production are confirmed by certificates and license agreements with licensors. We follow the high quality and safety requirements during production process, and our products have repeatedly been awarded prestigious awards from global companies. Among our main tasks is revealing in child creativity and stimulating multifaceted perception of the world. Each project has certain sense and idea and oriented on a definite consumer segment. 

By this we strive to realize a wide range of tastes and preferences, respectingthe uniqueness and emotional need of each customer. Observing the highest standards of quality and safety in the shoes manufacture we aspire to give our children the joy, comfort and protection. Product under go esinternal multistage quality test and meets all requirements for the production of children and teen shoes.