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TM "Kotofey" is a recognized leader in the production and sales of children's and teenagers’ shoes in Russian market and beyond.

80 years of experience, the best shoe traditions handed down from generation to generation, combined with the latest technology and modern equipment allow us to produce reliable, right and fashionable shoes according to the requirements of TR CU. 

Being the largest Russian producer of children's shoes with the full technological cycle we produce high-quality comfortable children's shoes. 

Since 2004 the company has a quality management system which confirmed by certificate of conformity to international standard ISO 9001: 2008. 

About footwear: 

TM "Kotofey" is represented by two main collections in a year: "Spring-Summer" and "Autumn-Winter", offering every season more than 1000 color combinations. We produce footwear:

- According size ranges: from nursery shoes to teenagers’ shoes;

- According purpose: from casual shoes to shoes for holidays;

- According types of footwear: from baby shoes to boots;

- According seasons: from frosty winter to hot summer.

Updating the collection each season, we consider the world's fashion trends and the wishes of our customers. The success of our company is balanced assortment, complemented by related products. Our product – your right choice! 

Date of company establishment – December 1936